Rupakot Resort

Our Story

Built using local resources from Rupakot, by a local inhabitant who saw a dream and vision for Rupakot to become a unique destination.

Welcome to Rupakot Resort

Rupakot Resort is situated on a picturesque hillside that was initially characterized by a paddy field and sparse tree cover. In order to create a comfortable and luxurious retreat for our guests, we employed the expertise of a highly skilled engineering team to thoughtfully organize the unstructured hill and extract stones from it for the construction of ten cosy bungalows.

Before Construction
After Construction

While some trees were trimmed to enhance the stunning views of the Himalayas, we have also taken great care to plant over 1000 trees and other plants in order to preserve the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. Our commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in the eco-friendly practices we have implemented throughout the resort.

We are proud to say that the images we present accurately represent the natural splendour of our resort, and we invite our guests to experience the harmony between modern amenities and the untouched natural environment.

This 25-acre property was constructed by Pushpa Raj Adhikari, a local inhabitant who saw a dream and vision for Rupakot to become a unique destination where people can experience Nepal’s rural tranquility and nature in a luxurious setting. 

This resort was built using local resources from Rupakot, such as the handcrafted stones on the walls of the buildings. The gardens, farms and atmosphere of this place will make you feel in harmony with nature.


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